Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Subscripts and Superscripts in SSRS Reports

Display the following in SSRS:
Chemical Mathematical equation
Solution 1
1. Note down the following codes
Superscript and subscript codes
2. Use expressions along with the chrw function in textbox.
Eg:- ="a"&chrw(8304)&chrw(185)&chrw(178)&chrw(179)&chrw(8308)&chrw(8309)&chrw(8310)&chrw(8311)&chrw(8312)&chrw(8313)
Expression builder
3. Make sure that the font is Lucida Sans Unicode.
4. Now you can preview the result.
Preview report

Solution 2
1. Click on StartRun and type charmap.exe. Click OK.
Run window
2. Change the font to Lucida Sans Unicode and then find the character that you need. For eg, Subscript Two is selected in the image below.
Once that is selected, click on Select and continue writing your chemical/mathematical equation in the same way.
3. Once that is done, click on copy button (and not Ctrl+C or any other shortcut button) and all you have to do is to paste it in a textbox in the report. Make sure that the font is Lucida Sans Unicode for the textbox.
Textbox with chemical equation
4. Click on preview and you will have the equation that you wanted.
Preview report with equation
Note : You can select any character in the Character Map and then use the chrw function. For that, note down the number in the character map (for eg, in the image above for Step 2, the number for Subscript 2 is 2082) and convert it from hex to binary (You can use sites like this for converting it if you don’t want to do the maths) and then use it within the chrw().

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